Difference Between Facebook and Netlog

Difference Between Facebook and Netlog

Summary: 1. Facebook is a more global audience, while Netlog is specifically targeting the European youth audience. 2. Facebook has good security features, while Netlog has even better, stricter and more easy-to-use privacy features.

  1. What is Netlog?
  2. What is the difference between Facebook and Tuenti in terms of users?
  3. What happened to Netlog?
  4. How do I export from Chrome Web?

What is Netlog?

Netlog (formerly known as Facebox and Bingbox) was a Belgian social networking service targeted at the global youth demographic. On Netlog, members could create their own web page, meet new people, chat, play games, share videos and post blogs.

What is the difference between Facebook and Tuenti in terms of users?

Facebook is aimed at a global audience, while Tuenti is for the Spanish community only. Facebook is free for anyone to join, while Tuenti is a strictly invitation-only social site. Facebook features banner advertisements, while Tuenti does not have banner advertisements.

What happened to Netlog?

Netlog, the Ghent-based social network that was at one point more popular with young people in Belgium than Facebook, is no longer operating. Owners Massive Media have pulled the site, and users are now directed to one of its other properties, Twoo.com.

How do I export from Chrome Web?

From Chrome 58 onwards, you can use net-export to export a log file in JavaScript® Object Notation (JSON) array format.
Get network logs

  1. (Optional) Select the level of log detail. ...
  2. Click Start logging to disk.
  3. Name the file and choose where to save it.
  4. Click Save.

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